Rosie Riley


Art has changed me. Philoshophically Politically and Repectfully it has taught me to observe and discover myself; and the hustle and bustle in the beautiful beating world around us. Life.

I am from a small seaside village called Kakanui (otago), where i grew up working the land with my 4 other brothers and sisters. The outdoors has always overwhelmed and humbled me. Alot of my inspirations come from the beautiful area where i grew up, amazing sunrises, seascapes and earthy power.
My mum taught me to appreciate the small things in life and pride myself in making things by hand. She would never be sitting still my mother; she would be furiously knitting hats or making soup over the fire or weaving scarves or weaving flax bags or baking bread, or she would start scratching! So i think i owe my creative side to my mother. After i finished high school i went to Cromwell to study how to cook, and worked as a chef for 3years.Cooking was an art to me i would always do my prep as quick as i could so i could spend the rest of the time before service making tiny caramel springs, cages, chocolate curls or other creative garnishes. Now, i love making leather belts, spicey soaps, drawing,cooking, working with beautiful fabrics, with copper wire and shells,with clays and glazes and i just want to explore and learn more!